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Shatter the Standards ​is a ​music blog dedicated ​to celebrating ​milestones, unearthing lesser-known ​musical gems, and promoting discussions ​around albums ​and new music ​that might ​not receive ample ​attention in ​mainstream conversations. The ​blog takes ​a stand against ​the notion ​that specific music ​genres are ​fading and, instead, ​endeavors to ​highlight these genres’ enduring ​relevance and ​evolving nature​​.

​The website is ​structured to ​engage music enthusiasts ​beyond mainstream ​offerings, showcasing ​music-related content, including ​album reviews, ​podcasts, and lists. ​It’s a platform ​where contributors ​share their insights ​and passion ​for music, aiming ​to create ​a community that ​appreciates diverse ​musical expressions​​. Each ​contributor enriches the blog with ​their musical ​preferences and ​expertise, making ​it a varied ​and engaging ​platform for exploring ​the less ​traversed musical terrains​.

Our Album Review Rating System

  • Poor (★☆☆☆☆)

    • Severely lacks originality, creativity, and overall quality.

    • Subpar production, lyricism, and/or vocals.

    • Fails to engage the listener or contribute to the genre.

  • Subpar (★★☆☆☆)

    • Lacks distinction and falls short in key areas.

    • May have some redeeming qualities but overall feels uninspired.

    • Unlikely to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

  • Slightly Below Average (★★½☆☆)

    • Falls short of expectations in most areas.

    • Lacks originality and fails to make a significant impact.

    • Subpar production, lyricism, and/or vocals.

    • Unlikely to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

  • Above Average (★★★☆☆)

    • Solid effort with some noteworthy elements.

    • Demonstrates competence in production, lyricism, and/or vocals.

    • Enjoyable listen but may not break new ground.

  • Solid (★★★½☆)

    • A commendable effort with notable strengths.

    • Demonstrates skill and creativity in certain aspects.

    • Engaging listen with room for improvement.

    • Contributes to the genre but may not break new ground.

  • Great (★★★★☆)

    • High-quality release with strong execution across the board.

    • Showcases creativity, originality, and skill.

    • Leaves a lasting impact and contributes to the genre’s growth.

  • Standout (★★★★½)

    • Exceptional release that sets itself apart from the rest.

    • Showcases top-tier production, lyricism, and/or vocals.

    • A must-listen for fans of the genre and *might be* a potential future classic.

  • Exceptional/Masterpiece (★★★★★)

    • Groundbreaking and innovative, pushing the boundaries of the genre.

    • Flawless execution in production, lyricism, and/or vocals.

    • An instant classic with the potential to influence future artists.

Our Album/Song Recommendation Rating System

Thumbs Down (👎)

  • Not recommended due to significant flaws or lack of quality.

  • Fails to engage the listener or contribute to the genre.

  • Subpar production, lyricism, and/or vocals.

  • Skip this release and explore other options.

Sideways Thumb (👍🏼)

  • A mixed bag with both strengths and weaknesses.

  • May appeal to some listeners but lacks overall consistency.

  • Demonstrates potential but falls short in certain areas.

  • Recommended only for dedicated fans of the artist or subgenre.

Thumb Up (👍)

  • A solid recommendation with notable qualities.

  • Showcases skill, creativity, and originality in key aspects.

  • Provides an enjoyable listening experience.

  • Recommended for fans of the genre or those exploring new music.

Thumb Up & Half (👍½)

  • A strong recommendation with consistent quality throughout.

  • Excels in production, lyricism, and/or vocals.

  • Leaves a lasting impression and stands out in the genre.

  • Highly recommended for fans and enthusiasts of any genre.

Two Thumbs Up (👍👍)

  • An exceptional release that exceeds expectations.

  • Demonstrates mastery in all aspects of the music.

  • Pushes boundaries, innovates, and makes a significant impact.

  • A must-listen for any fan of the genre and a potential classic.

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We are dedicated to celebrating milestones, unearthing lesser-known musical gems, and promoting discussions around albums and new music that might not receive ample attention in mainstream conversations.


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